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Square Dance Center

Double K Squares

6:30-7:45 pm   Intro to A2
7:45-8:15 pm   Full A2
8:15-9:30 pm   C1
9:30-? pm   C2

Square Dancer´s Inc. (SDI) Center
828 Tulip Ave
Knoxville, TN
Casual Dress
Info: Steve Kopman 865-691-1580

Directions to the Square Dance Center:

From the West -- I-40 Eastbound: Take the 17th Street exit. Exit merges onto Dale Ave. Stay on Dale Ave and Cross 17th Street, Y to the right off of Dale onto Blackstock Ave. Proceed on Blackstock under Western Ave. At the first left, turn onto Heins St. The Square Dance Center is the only building on the block ahead of you up against the Interstate.

From the East -- I-40 Westbound: Take the James White Parkway (Business Loop) exit... this is a LEFT exit. From the Parkway, take the Summit Hill Ave. exit. Turn right from the exit onto Summit Hill West. Take Summit Hill to Broadway, turn right onto Broadway. Proceed on Broadway to the intersection at Oak Ave. (on the left) and W. Jackson Ave. (on the right). Turn left onto Oak Ave. and cross the viaduct. Proceed to the stop sign at Blackstock Ave. and turn left onto Blackstock. Turn right at the first intersection onto Tulip Ave. and proceed 1 block to the dance center.

From Western Avenue: Proceed to 17th St. and turn onto 17th St. Proceed south under I-40 and turn left at the traffic light at Dale Ave. Follow the directions in "From the West" above. (If you drive through the Braden's Furniture parking lot behind the building, it exits onto Heins St. Turn left onto Heins to get to the dance center.)

Free parking is available.

Weekends 2017

 May 12-13
 30th Gatlinburg Getaway
Steve Kopman & Darryl Lipscomb
A2-C1-C2 Star Tips
Gatlinburg, TN
Info: Kopman (865) 691-1580
Flyer Registration Form

 July 21-23
 13th Annual All-Star Peachtree Promenade
Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake, Jerry Biggerstaff,
Steve Kopman & Darryl McMillan
Gatlinburg, TN
Info: Gary Shoemake (865) 387-2217

August 2
 Trail Thru Dance, TN State Convention
Mike Hoose, Steve Kopman, Gary Shoemake & Tom Marcum
Knoxville, TN
Info: Mike Hoose 423-327-3588

August 18-20
 Pigeon Forge Advance & Challenge Convention
Ray Brendzy, Steve Kopman & Tom Miller
Pigeon Forge, TN
Info: Kopman (865) 691-1580

 September 1-3
 2017 WIPAC
Jerry Story, Bronc Wise, Deborah Carroll-Jones,
Jon Jones, Noah Siegmann, Bob Asp & Steve Kopman
West Bend, WI

 November 3-4
 Good Times
Steve Kopman
Las Vegas, NV

Info: Debbie (702) 373 7092


Weekends 2018

January 26-28
 23rd Annual Smokey Mountain Celebration
Bronc Wise & Steve Kopman
Pigeon Forge, TN
Info: Kopman (865) 691-1580

February 2-3
 40th Annual Mardi Gras Festival
Steve Kopman
Biloxi, MS
Info: Nell Knott (228) 831-3127

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